Engine Reconditioning

At M.A.E we have a long history of reconditioning engines from all makes and models. Our workshop is equipped with precision reconditioning machinery to ensure that the reconditioned engine runs as reliably as possible.

At MAE we can rebore your engine: All cylinder head repairs, pressure testing, crack testing, seat cutting, head machining, inserting and guide replacement, crank grinding, con rod resizing, con rod pin fitting, cam bearing fitting, engine assembling, engine balancing, flywheel machining.

No matter if its diesel, petrol, or LPG, 4, 6 cylinders or V8 we can recondition it (truck, tractor, car or boat). We can rebore motor cycle cylinder barrels, repair/replace motorcycle con rods and crank assemblies. For more information, or to arrange a quote, contact us today.

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Tailshaft Repairs & Balancing

At Mildura Automotive Engineering we offer a full tailshaft repair and balancing service for both aluminium and steel tailshafts. We use top quality parts during our tailshaft repairs to maximise the lifespan of all repairs. Our specialist technicians can replace slip yokes, cv joints, centre bearings, uni joints, retube tailshafts and any other tailshaft components. Custom design & repair all tailshafts, truck, marine, agricultural, high performance. Balancing of industrial fans, gregoire fans & pump impellers.

We can also modify existing tailshafts or custom build tailshafts for performance upgrades when necessary, sourcing durable components to handle additional horsepower. For more information, or to arrange a quote on tailshaft repairs, contact us us today.

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Total Hose Service

No matter what hose you need to repair, MAE have the product to repair it.

  • Hydraulic Hose Repairs
  • Air conditioning Hose Repairs
  • Power Steering Hose Repairs
  • Brake Hose Repairs Braided to suit your custom design or the OEM rubber replacement
  • Steel Brake Lines made to suit

We have precision equipment in our workshop to custom manufacture a wide variety of hoses. For more information about our total hose service, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Fuel Injection Service & Repairs

At M.A.E we also offer a fuel injection system servicing and repairs. Our trained technicians are experienced with maximising the potential of your fuel injection systems. We can test, clean & repair all mechanical injectors, Also recondition all diesel injector pumps.

We have the latest updated common rail test & cleaning machine for all the latest common rail injector vehicles. Also make fuel injector lines. For more information on our fuel injection system service or to book a repair, contact us today.

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DPF Cleaning

Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) require periodic cleans to remove unburnt oil that accumulates over time. The waste material removed is considered hazardous and needs to be disposed of properly, and DPF cleaning requires specialised machinery.

Here at Mildura Automotive Engineering, our expert team can help you with:

  • Pressure check performed pre-clean
  • DPF cleaning
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